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AC Cover Products For HVAC Dealers

Why become a dealer?

As a registered dealer we are able to work closely with you and provide you additional tools to improve both your sales and your profitability. A small selection of the tools available to our registered dealers include:
Discounted Dealer Only Pricing
• Prepaid Certificates – No Inventory Required
FREE Sales & Marketing Support – Including Sales Literature, Marketing Ideas, etc.
FREE Miniature A/C Cover Displays – Any Quantity, No Charge, No Order Required
FREE Color Fabric Swatch Samples
• Drop Shipment of All Orders Directly To Their Customer

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I/We agree that all products purchased from A/C Covers will be sold/distributed to our heating and cooling customers in the normal course of our regular heating and cooling business. At no time will products purchased from A/C Covers be sold via the internet without the express written consent of A/C Covers, Inc.