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Protect your A/C With A Quality, Custom Made Cover

At A/C Covers we've taken pride in providing air conditioning and heating contractors, as well as, homeowners with the highest quality, custom made air conditioner covers available anywhere for over a decade. At A/C Covers every air conditioner cover - from the initial design layout, to the pattern cutting, to the sewing - is constructed by hand, to the exact specifications of your specific air conditioner condensing unit.

In Business For Over 20 Years

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3 Year Warranty On All Covers
  • Rush Orders Available For An Additional Fee Per Cover - call for details

CK Unit w/ Snow window unit

Concerned about finding a cover for the new 13 SEER Air Conditioners?


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1 - What's the difference between a cover and a custom air conditioner cover ?

2 - But I thought you weren't supposed to use air conditioner covers ?

3 - How does your air conditioner cover prevent condensation ?

4 - What about all those cables & wires on the back - won't they get in the way?

5 - How long will it take to get my A/C Cover - do you stock them or make them ?

6 - Do you make covers for window air conditioners ?

We Manufacture For All Brands and Models Including.....

Yes! We Have Custom Covers Available For The New Federally Mandated 13 SEER Air Conditioners

Due to our great, supportive network of dealers and our strong relationships with distributors we've been able to rapidly create new designs for all of the new 13 SEER A/C's. With new government mandates in effect these new units are hitting the market now and their designs are often times drastically different than previous air conditioners. This matters to you because many of the more generic, lesser custom covers are going to fit these new units very poorly and provide substantially reduced protection. So be safe, protect your A/C with a high quality custom cover from A/C Covers that's guaranteed to fit regardless of size, age, brand or SEER rating.

What is 13 SEER and why does is matter?

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